Equivalent Fractions

Maths is Fun :)

Click on the links below to play some Maths games and practice mental maths:

Equivalent Fractions

Extra Work (optional): Here are some Maths problems. These are a little more tricky and you need to read them more carefully. 

Problems: Weights


Rounding to the nearest 10

Rounding to the nearest 100
Millilitres (ml) - Litres (l) 

1 Litre = 1000ml

Solids Shapes

Go on a shopping spree and see if you can give the shop keeper the right amount of money. Make sure you are given correct change. Click on the pictures below to play the games:

Click on the picture below to learn and practice how to count money:


View more presentations from Sarah Tanti.

View more presentations from Sarah Tanti

To practice more on multiplication go on this website:

You find a lot of games


Multiplication and Division
More on Doubling
Next week we're going to do Doubling and Halving. Click on the numbers below to practice on doubling:2+2=4


It is important that you know the
2x Table. Click on the picture to play the game.

__________________________________________________ Counting in tens-click on the number chart to play a game
Maths Problems-Counting in ten

View more presentations from sarina_ann

View more presentations from sarina_ann

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